Light Trails

Yūgen (幽玄) noun: an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words • origin Japanese.

The Blossoming

Blossom |bläsm| noun (pl.blossoms) a flower or a mass of flowers on a tree or bush • the state or period of flowering • verb| mature or blossom in a healthy way.

Gladioli Girl

Nu·ance |n(y)o͞o äns| noun: nuance; plural: nuances • a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound • verb: nuance; nuances; nuanced; nuancing.

Wishful Thinking

Whis•per | (h)wispər|verb [ intrans.] speak very softly using one’s breath without one’s vocal cords, esp. for the sake of privacy • poetic/literary (of leaves, wind, or water) rustle or murmur softly.

On Beauty

Wabi•sabi | a comprehensive Japanese worldview centered on the acceptance of transience • an aesthetic of beauty that is imperfect, incomplete, impermanent.

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